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Why Football Matters, By John Harbaugh

Tue Mar 14, 2017 -
Football is under attack, but the game and the values it instills in young men are critical to our society.     The game of football is under attack. We see it every day in the headlines and on the news. The medical concerns are pressing. The game has taken its share of criticism. President Barack Obama said that if he had boys he wouldn’t let them play football. Even LeBron James has publicly said no football in his house. The question is asked over and over:  Why would anyone want to play football? A

The Officiating Crisis: What Can I Do?

Wed Feb 8, 2017 -
For the past several years, state association leaders have warned that we were about to face a crisis relative to the number of officials we have. The crisis is upon us and it has reached epidemic proportions. Newspapers across the country all have the same headline in the sports section: “Schools forced to reschedule games due to officials’ shortage.” The next headline will be even worse: “Games cancelled due to a lack of sports officials.” The writing has been on the wall for quite some time but little h

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